Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Must I have won another fiddle contest to compete at Weiser?

A. No, you do not have to be a winner or even a competitor at another contest.  You need to be able to play the required number and types of tunes for the number of rounds in your division (3, 4, or 5).

Q. Must I be a contestant to camp in Fiddletown Campground?

A. No.  All campers are welcome at Fiddletown. Contestants and accompanists do pay a slightly reduced rate for their camping, however.

Q. May I bring my dog?

A. You may, if you are a responsible owner who makes certain to clean up any deposits and keeps your pet on a leash when out and about. We don’t encourage it, as the campground can get mighty hot, and pets left unattended in the heat may suffer or die. We don’t recommend bringing any pets, since there are no electric hookups at Fiddletown and generators may be operated in designated areas only. 

Q. Do you have access to rental RVs that I can rent for the week?

A. You may contact our office and be put on a list.  We have a few folks willing to rent out their RVs, but it is getting more difficult to find them.  There are commercial RV rental businesses located in Boise area.

Q. Do you have an  archive of competitors from past years?  I had a relative who competed in the (fifties/sixties,etc.) and I wondered if you have any photos, or other information that you can send me.

A. We have many newspaper clippings, old photos, records, etc., but unless they were division winners, we don’t have that information readily available.  It would be wonderful to have the staff and funding to properly archive all of our information so it is available in searchable digital format. We invite you to visit the National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame 2235 Paddock Ave. where we have past champion photos and other memorabilia on display as well as scrapbooks from the past.


You may contact our office at (208) 414-0255 with your questions or email us at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest.