Eileen Walter – Portland, OR

I have enjoyed fiddling, teaching, judging, performing at restaurants, in shows, at farmers markets, and playing for dances since I first heard fiddle music upon moving to Oregon in 1971 and had my life changed forever. I have attended and competed or judged at Weiser continually since 1986. I have judged many contests in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Oklahoma and Nevada. For the past five years I have served as the director of the Oregon State Open Contest. I am a former Oregon State and Northwest Regional Adult and Senior Champion.


In addition to good intonation, tone, clarity, rhythm, tempo, technical skill, interesting versions that are appropriate to the fiddler’s skill level, and control of the tune. I look for a musical interpretation that is able to balance and integrate drive, groove, and personality without sacrificing anything else – sometimes a fine line or a delicate balance and something that shows the fiddler’s overall ability. While it’s difficult to define, we know it when we hear it.