Denice Carter is a veteran Instructor of over 30 years. Growing up in Pendleton, OR she started violin at a young age through an early Suzuki program. Eventually transitioning into fiddling after attending a fiddle contest later in her musical journey, Denice started merging her Suzuki teaching techniques with similar and complementary fiddling skills. Denice went on to study fiddle intently with many of the greats in Texas Style. She then honed teaching points together through a large program she built in Denver which has now been coined “Suziddle”. Over the 22 years Denice taught in Colorado, she inspired her students to attend the National Contest. Each year about 30 of her students and parents made the pilgrimage to Weiser where they set up camp. The campground referred to it as “Carterville”. Her group of young fiddlers “Fiddlocity” performed many times on the stage at Weiser. In 2011 Denice moved to Vancouver, Washington to return to her Northwest roots. She has once again established a firm teaching studio which she runs now with her daughter Aarun, cultivating a new bunch and “Fiddlocity” 2.0. While in Colorado she served as COTFA President for 10 years and directed the Colorado State Fiddle Championships. She is now director for her second year of the Washington State Fiddle Championships which she revived after realizing there hadn’t been a state contest for 7 years. She now serves as WOTFA district chair and continues to inspire students to play and compete. Although Denice has competed many times, won many state contests, and been in the top ten at Weiser; she prefers to focus on teaching over competing. Denice has judged numerous contests throughout the western states including Weiser, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico (to name a few) and the State Championships in Hallettsville TX.

Judging Philosophy: When judging, along with mastery of the instrument and clearly establishing the original melody of a tune, Denice looks for impeccable rhythm and drive, coupled with thoughtful, appropriate and creative evolution of the tunes. “It’s not just what you play, but how you play it”