Dan Stewart – Spokane, WA

Dan Stewart has been fiddling for more than 35 years. Over the years, he has won a few local and regional contests, but more recently, he has grown to enjoy judging. He has now judged the National Old Time Fiddler’s contest four times and many other Weiser-certified contests in the Northwest, as well. In addition to playing and judging, Dan has developed an interest in digitizing old jam cassettes in order to preserve and share Texas-style fiddle music (these can be downloaded at: https://texasfiddle.blogspot.com). By day, Dan is a mild-mannered Professor of Entrepreneurship at Gonzaga University and business owner/partner at Dardan Enterprises.


In addition to basic intonation and rhythm, I enjoy a fiddler who listens carefully to the accompanists and tries to make the group sound like an ensemble. I am also a bit old school in my appreciation for dance-ability, which improves if the fiddler plays at a speed that sounds comfortable and is within the fiddler’s ability. In the end, if you played your round better than you did the last time or better than you thought you could, you are doing very well!