Contestants & Accompanists

Competitors arrive in Weiser, Idaho each year during the third full week of June from all over the world.

This event has grown into the largest fiddle-related gathering in the world. Many artists who have become household names have been competitors, folks like Mark O’Connor, Alison Kraus, Jana Jae, and others.

The contest is divided into age divisions, as well as the Grand National Competition, which is open to all ages. In addition to those divisions, we also have some fun divisions planned, including Swing (youth and adult divisions), and Twin fiddle (youth and adult divisions).

Registration Deadlines

All digital and snail-mail pre-registration must be received by us no later than June 15th (this qualifies you to purchase a T-shirt).

Late registration at the event, including pre-registered contestant check-in, for the Small Fry division closes at 11:30 am on June 17th. Late registration at the event and check-in for all other divisions closes at 4:00 pm on the day before the first round of the division starts (if pre-registered and enroute, call us before the deadline so we know you’re coming).

Remember, contestant shirts are only available through pre-registration.

To order a shirt, you MUST pre-register and include your shirt order in the registration (details are inside the registration packet).


(Available only through Pre-Registration) 2024 Design/Colors Coming Soon! 

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Registration Forms

Register Online (Contestants and Accompanists) 


Download The Contestant and Accompanist Information/Paper Registration. (PDF)

2024 Prize Information Coming Soon! 

2024 Certified Showcase (Entertainer) special Registration Form

    In The Registration Packet

    Registration form for all age group divisions as well as the Grand National Champion division.

    Registration form for the Swing divisions (17 and under and 18 and older).

    Registration form for the Twin Fiddling division (one division, mixed ages).

    An accompanist entry form (all ages).

    T-Shirt Order Form

    Important Information

    The National Grand Champion Division is open to all fiddlers of any age. We also have age group divisions.  There is one form for all contestants; select the division you wish to enter.

    Once you are registered as an accompanist you are eligible to back any fiddler that asks you to help on stage. Many fiddlers look for accompanists in the area behind the warm-up room to see who would work best in assisting them on stage. It is customary for the winning fiddler to compensate their accompanist(s) if they win prize money.

    At The National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest there are specific rules that apply. Even if you have been competing for years, please check out the judging information section.

    You may sign up as a contestant and/or accompanist.

    Registered fiddlers and accompanists may each have two guests this year.