About the Contest and Festival

Welcome to The National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest & Festival!   Celebrating Our 71st Year!

Monday, June 17th – Saturday, June 22nd, 2024.

There is a welcome BBQ for all registered contest participants and families on Sunday, June 16th

It’s a pleasure to announce our National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest and Festival activities for 2024!

We are busy planning our Weiser Fiddle Festival activities as we have for these many years,  and are looking forward to presenting some fun new activities at City Park! In addition to our great Food and Craft/Merchandise vendors and free entertainment stage, local makers, artisans, and traditional skills practitioners will be presenting demonstrations in our special and brand new Demonstration Booths area.  Every couple of hours, there will be a new demonstration where you can observe, ask questions, actively engage, and learn from these knowledgeable folks.  You will have an opportunity to see how soap is made, cast with a fly-fishing rod, build habitats for pollinator insects, throw pottery, spin yarn, carve wood, and so much more!


The Fiddle Contest will begin at Weiser High School Monday, June 17, at 1:0o pm and will run through Saturday evening, June 22nd.  Check the contest information for the complete contest schedule and information about this year’s contest.


Campgrounds near the high school will be opening Wednesday, June 12th (Slocum, Snake River Heritage Museum and Fiddletown).  This is the camping adjacent to the high school and contest site (see www.stickerville.org for current “Stickerville” information). Our campgrounds are located on Paddock Avenue, an extension of West 7th Street, and just northwest of Weiser High School. There will be signs. These areas are famous for spontaneous jamming in many a musical genre! A walk-about here will reward you with some incredible musical memories!

Camping reservations are needed, so please call our office to make arrangements for Slocum Hall and Fiddletown.


City Park will be welcoming our lineup of great Food and Craft & Merchandise Vendors.  Be sure to come down and sample the great festival foods and get some fun shopping in with our merchandise and craft vendors.

There will be a bountiful selection of wares from many exotic places around the world as well as quality handcrafted items and domestic merchandise. Look for beautiful and unique jewelry and clothing, hats and accessories, home and garden décor items, yard art, and much, much more for the entire family.  We will have a complete listing of them available later.


Our free entertainment stage brings you fine performers from afar plus a lineup of our impressive local talent. We have been truly privileged over the years to have had several future and current Grammy Award Winners performing on our park stage.  Our city-wide event has been a springboard for a number of individuals who have gone on to become recognized names in the music industry.


The park venue will open daily at 10 a.m. from Tuesday June 18th through Saturday June 22. Entertainment begins daily at noon and runs until closing by 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  City Park is located between E. Court and E. Liberty Streets  and  East 4th Streets, next to the Law Enforcement building and Washington County Courthouse. There will be signs posted.  There is ample parking available near the park and in the LDS Church parking lot across the street.


If you are a vendor or entertainer, look for additional information and necessary forms on our Vendor and Entertainer menus. If you have further vendor or entertainer questions, please call Sandra at (208)484-5034. There will be dry camping available on LDS Church parking lot for vendors (located across the street from the park venue.)


Don’t miss our traditional Fiddle Parade Saturday June 22, 2024! If you want to sign-up to be in the Saturday Parade, look for the registration form which will be available under our Parade menu.  This year’s parade theme will be posted as soon as it is available.  Parade start time will be announced.  We urge you all to support efforts to make our parade one of the most popular activities with townsfolks and visitors alike by participating or attending the fun.

Register by emailing, or mailing your application to National Oldtime Fiddlers office at:

Email: [email protected]

NOTF, Inc.
P.O. Box 447
Weiser, ID 83672

Phone: 208-414-0255

Entries must be received by June 2oth. (Parade entries may be Emailed to: [email protected]. through June 12.)