Festival Schedule

2018 Stage Schedule Memorial Park Stage

The Weiser Fiddle Festival free outdoor entertainment stage will be located at Memorial Park this year.  The previous unaffiliated groups who managed the events there up through 2016 turned the park management over to National Oldtime Fiddlers’ in mid-May of last year, and we assumed the management of both Memorial Park and City Park without much notice, and managed to pull it off with limited time, resources and workers!

This year, we are looking forward to merging activities into one location. Because the carnival has been located there for a number of years and it is not feasible to re-locate the carnival, Memorial Park is the logical  choice for location.  We loved the venue at City Park, but there is lots of parking available at the Middle School track infield and the swimming pool is located just across the street from the park.  We have wanted to have everything located in a single venue for some time and are excited that this is finally possible.

We think it will be a better arrangement for our attendees, performers, vendors, and the city employees (law enforcement, fire department, other emergency personnel)  who help out so much during the event. The Memorial Park is located between E. 3rd and E. 4th Streets with Hanthorn St. on the south side of the park, just one block north of the Weiser Middle School. In addition to the terrific food court and craft and merchandise vendors, we have live entertainment from noon each day Tuesday through Saturday. The carnival will begin operating on Wednesday and always brings a large number of folks to Memorial Park.

Scheduling for the stage at Memorial Park begins in February and is usually completed by early June.  We love to be contacted by entertainers wanting to perform. The application form is available under “Entertainers” on the Menu page after January 15. Or you may call the Fiddle Office (208) 414-0255 and ask to speak to Sandra Cooper. We love variety.  Country, swing, gospel, rock, bluegrass, jazz, we love it all.  Whether you’re a group, duo, band, or solo performer, we try to have a bit of something for everyone.  We do expect you to have a certain level of professionalism and have a real “act,” but we are always happy to present developing talent as well.  We will not be doing karaoke. There are going to be half hour and hour-long performance slots throughout the day to allow for more performers and a variety of entertainment.

The park is open each day Tuesday through Saturday June 19-June 23 from 10 a.m. to around 9:30 p.m.  The stage schedule will be posted here when completed.  If you want to be on the entertainment lineup, please contact Sandra Cooper at [email protected] or call (208 414-0255) We love seeing new acts each year and welcoming back old favorites!

We have an excellent stage, sound technician and sound equipment.  There is a registration form for entertainers located here.  A list of available equipment is provided as well as a stage diagram for you to provide your set-up and equipment needs. Please return this to the fiddle office along with your application. 

There will be a Battle of the Bands on Saturday June 23 right after the parade.  Performing bands keep all the donations received from the audience members’ donations and receive 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prizes based on the amount donated for each band.  Let us know if you are interested in being a part of this popular event.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks so much!