About Contest Certification

We welcome your interest in certifying your fiddle contest. Certification of your contest adds additional benefits to you and your contestants and will help to promote fairness and consistency in your contest results, adding an extra layer of credibility to your event. First place winners in your certified divisions will have their registration fees paid in the National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest. They will  still be responsible for any additional guest pass fees, contestant T-shirt costs, etc.incurred as part of the registration process.  They are also eligible to compete in the separate “Certified Showcase.” There is no fee for that division, but contestants will need to sign up separately for the Certified Showcase in addition to registering in their regular age division if they want to compete in that competition.

Enclosed you will find the necessary paperwork for certifying your contest, as well as some explanation of their purposes:

  • Certification Overview
  • Guidelines and Rules
  • Application (to be filled out every year with current info)
    (From this form we learn your contest name, important dates, names and addresses of the contact people and what divisions are to be certified.). Agreement (to be filled out every year with current info)
  • The Agreement and fees of $60 (Champion division), $35 (Senior-Senior division), $35 (Senior division), $45 (Adult division) $45 (Young Adult division) $35 (Junior division), $25 (Junior- Junior division) $20 (Small Fry division) or if the total of all divisions you are certifying is greater than $195, please send a check for $195 prior to your contest. On this form your contest agrees to adhere to our Guidelines and Rules. Send us a copy of your rules, furnish us with the name(s) and address(es) of division winner(s), and provide one 5×7 photograph of each certified division first place winner (to be placed in our Hall of Fame). On the back of the picture, please put the name, city, and division. In addition, please email winner photos and identification of each winner to: [email protected] To review the Certification Board’s obligations, please see the Agreement form.
  • Winners Information Sheet (make a copy for each division certified)
    This is the form for filling in the name(s) and address(es) of the division winner(s). Do not give these to your winners. Please fill them out at the contest and return them to me at above address. These Winner Information Sheets, your contest rules, and the contest placement results of the top five finishers (not individual scores) should all be returned within 30 days after your contest. In order to promote your contest nationally, placement results and photos are printed in The Notfa Fiddler newspaper.
  • Suggested Contest Procedure: Fill in the winner’s name and your contest information on the Winner’s Certificate, and give it to your certified winner(s) when you are awarding trophies and taking your pictures (remember that each first place winner needs an individual photo). This is also a good time to fill out Winner Info Sheets. Please accept our thanks to you and your contest committee for their hard work putting together your contest. We look forward to seeing your winners here in Weiser!

Get your Certified Contest Packet HERE

Certification Administrator:
Aimee Burdette
P.O. Box 447
Weiser, Idaho 83672

(208) 414-0255  fax (208) 414-0256