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Competitors arrive in Weiser, Idaho each year during the third full week of June from all over the nation, Canada and beyond.

This event has grown into the largest fiddle-related gathering in the world. Many artists who have become household names have been competitors, folks like Mark O’Connor, Alison Kraus, Jana Jae, and others.

The contest is divided into age divisions, but the Grand National Competition is open to all ages and the Grand Champions seem to get younger each year. Traditional and old time fiddle music is well-loved by and is being carried on by competitors as young as four years old.

Important Information:

  • There are 8 divisions that divide the competitors by age. The National Grand Champion Division is open to all fiddlers of any age. There is one form for all contestants; simply choose the division that applies to you. Contestants that are members of The National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association (NOTFA) are given a discount on their registration fees.
  • For those of you who want to accompany the fiddler, we have a special form for you. Once you are registered as an accompanist you are eligible to assist any fiddler that asks you to help on stage. Many fiddlers look for accompanists in the warm-up room to see who would work best in assisting them on stage. It is customary for the winning fiddler to compensate their accompanist (s) if they win prize money.
  • At The National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest there are specific rules that apply. Even if you have been competing for years, please check out the judging information section.
  • Each fiddler or accompanist is allowed to sign up two guests for  guest badges. You may sign up on the contestant or accompanist forms. This special badge will allow the guest to enter the contest arena. Both contestants and accompanists that are displaying their badge will be allowed to watch the competition during all day time sessions and the Monday through Friday evening rounds. All those attending the finals on Saturday night will need to purchase tickets.
  • Fiddlers are required to finalize their competition registration in person by 4:00 pm the day prior to the first round of their division.  If unable to complete registration by that time, contestants will need to contact the office as soon as possible at (208) 414-0255.