2016 Division Winners

Small Fry Division Finals:

Jesse Quintana, Lakewood, CO
Lillian Arnold Mages, Pittsburgh, PA
Faith Olivia Keisel, Mapleton, UT
Niko Quale, Alameda, CA
Preslee Jo Fehrs, Caldwell, ID
Junior-Junior Finals:
 C.J. Neary, Bend, OR
Grace Partridge, Rigby, ID
Alex Tormala, Sequim, WA
Riley Meyerkorth, Ottawa, KS
Teo Quale, Alameda, CA

Junior Finals:
Celeste Johnson, Arvada, CO
Regina Scott, Tulsa, OK
Vance Voetberg, Chehalis, WA
Andrew Lin, Lexington, KY
Mackenzie Johnston, Littleton, CO

Young Adult Finals:
Justin Sherfey, Spokane, WA
Shelby Rae Murdock, Blackfoot, ID
Lilly Brogger, Three Forks, MT
Lilja Voetberg, Chehalis, WA
Josh Partridge, Rigby, ID

Adult Finals:
Cody Stadelmaier, Fort Collins, CO
Julie Miller, Caldwell, ID
Jay Dean Ludiker, Spokane Valley, WA
Vi Wickam, Loveland, CO
Candice Neaves, Missoula, MT

Senior Finals:
Aaron Lowe, Spokane, WA
B. Starr McMullen, Corvallis, OR
Eileen Walter, Portland, OR
Wayne Head, Hugo, OK
Tom Dillon, La Messa, CA

Senior Senior Finals:
Mabel Vogt, Potlatch, ID
Vivian Williams, Seattle, WA
Hughie Smith, Bakersfield, CA
Duane Stephens, Grangeville, ID
Les Tucker, Woodburn, OR

National Grand Champion Finals:
Katrina Nicolayeff, Meridian, ID
Tristan Clarridge, Berkeley, CA
Luke Price, Portland, OR
Katie Glassman, Boulder, CO
Jacie Sites, Rigby, ID
Aarun Carter, Portland, OR
Taylor Buckley, Missoula, MT
Caddie Derby, Lacey, WA

Swing Fiddle 17 and Under Finals:
C.J. Neary, Bend, OR
Mackenzie Johnston, Littleton, CO
Kierra Smith, Kuna, ID
Alex Tormala, Sequim, WA
Caddie Derby, Lacey, WA

Swing Fiddle 18 and Over Finals:
Katie Glassman, Boulder, CO
Taylor Buckley, Missoula, MT
Aarun Carter, Portland, OR
Andy Emert, Portland, OR
Gene Banks, Athens, TX

Twin Fiddling Finals:
Georgia Rae Mussared and Shawn Drake
Andrew Lin and Matthew Lin
Katie Crawford and Jessica Sell
Ashley Dreyer and Celeste Johnson
Kenny Blacklock and Katy Bridges

Drew Miller, 94 times
Rod Anderson, 86 times
Anthony Mature, 70 times
Darin Meeks, 62 times
Matt Hartz, 57 times

Monday Evening Certified Showcase  Winners:

Best Costume: Annabel Guptill
Fanciest Fiddlers: Hajime Nagashima
Best Male Entertainer: Les Tucker                                                       
Best Female Entertainer: Mabel Vogt

Tuesday Night Certified Showcase Winners:
Best Costume: Cody Stadelmaier
Fanciest Fiddler: Shelby Rae Murdock
Best Male Entertainer: Josh Partridge
Best Female Entertainer: Georgia Rae Mussared 

Wednesday Night Certified Showcase Winners:
Best Costume: Sive Nowak
Fanciest Fiddler: Alex Tormala
Best Male Entertainer: Riley Meyerkorth              
Best Female Entertainer: Tenaya Cooley    

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